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MOENTO – Converter: Structures

This asset is used to convert content made with the free desktop application “MOENTO – Modular Environment Toolkit” into easy to use Unity Prefabs.

In order to use the structures made with MOENTO in your own game, this converter is needed to reassemble the structure files provided by the main desktop application.

“MOENTO – Modular Environment Toolkit” itself, the program where you can create the structures, can be used for free and is a toolkit which accelerates the invention of unique structures for your game using well-known purchasable assets or individual game specific DLC’s.

Besides creating a handy tool for developers, one of my sub goals was to also make a way for developers to let their fan base participate in the creation of the game world. As the editor itself is free to use, your community can create structures for your game and submit them to you, so you can use them in your world building process.