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Modern Shooting UI Pack

Download Modern Shooting UI Pack FREE Unity. 

Modern Shooting UI Pack is a clean, friendly modern shooting game UI skin pack.Can be used for PC or mobile games.

1.The canvas prefabs and 9-sliced pngs were ready ,so you can easy to use them in unity!

2.Each element is separate, so you can replace it with your own icon, text, etc..You can use them completely in unity, almost without any ps processing.So this is a lazy UI skin package.

The screenshots are:
• Loading Page
• Login Page
• Stage Select
• Level Select
• Home Page
• Main Scene1
• Main Scene2
• Daily Reward
• Receive Rwards
• Crafting Panel
• Store
• Popup
• Recharge
• Missions
• Settings
• Level up
• Inventory
• Armoury
• Ranking
• Pause
• Victory
• Died
• Quit
• Sniper Rifle Sight
• Character Creation
• Matching Hall
• Components
• Icons
• Backgrounds