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Modern Procedural UI Kit

Modern procedural UI kit is the ultimate UI solution for Unity UGUI that offers unlimited possibilities for building UI without any sprite assets but customizable shapes and gradients.


MPUIkit is in active development. Check development progress in the ClickUp Board


Shapes and their properties

▪ 6 different Shape Modes (Circle, Triangle, Rectangle, Pentagon, Hexagon, N-Star Polygon)

▪ Fill, Stroke, Outline with arbitrary thickness

▪ Edge falloff for anti-aliasing & shadow effect

▪ Fill mode (Horizontal, Vertical, Radial)

Colors and Gradients

▪ Color and sprite can be overlayed on top of shapes

▪ Also Gradients (Linear, Radial, Corner)

Animation and Customization

▪ Unity Animation and Timeline

▪ Tweening and Scripting


▪ Supports all Render Pipelines

▪ Supports all types of Canvases

▪ Works with Unity Mask and UI Layout

▪ Works on Standalone & Mobile platforms

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