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Modern City 4

Download Modern City 4 Free Unity. 

Update of Modern City 4 model pack!
New street props and boats are added. All models, materials, and textures are updated. The pack includes 38 prefabs, including streets, canals, bridges, buildings, boats, bicycles, benches, lamps, bins, and others.
4 new boat models are added, you can view them on separate images as well.
Note: The water is not included, but you can easily add it from Unity Standard Assets!
Technical details:
Number of prefabs: 38
Number of materials: 62
Number of textures: 123
Texture sizes are 1024*1024 px, 2048 * 2048 px, 512*512 px, 1024*2048 px, 4096 * 2048 px.
Many objects share the same textures to save texture memory. Houses are made from atlas textures to save draw calls.
All houses come with 2 LOD stages.

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