You are currently viewing MOCAP ANIMATION PACK Male 1 Mobility


Minimum Unity Version Required: <= 4.0.0 | Asset Published Date: 20 Dec 2013 | Mocap Animation Pack, $500 – Mobility M1 contains 112 high-quality motion capture animations; a complete set of detailed Idle’s, Locomotions and Jumps for a character basic actions and mobility.


If you are looking for a comprehensive set of solid, production-ready, professional animations this set is for you.


Standing w/fidgets, Walking, Jogging, Running, Crouch and Crouch Walking, Jumps/Hops, with Transitions.

All Locomotions are already created as clean one cycle Loops; saving space and no need for further trimming.

The detailed motion-captured Transitions to and from Idles and Locomotions are a big bonus; adding heightened realism compared to simple blending.

A running character slamming on the brakes and checking his balance as he comes to a standing halt is much more impressive and dramatic.

All Idles and Transitions have been carefully Pose-Matched.

All “Idle to Idle” turns and Transitions to and from Locomotions have perfectly matched Stand and Crouch poses.