MOBILITY Starter: MoCap Animation Pack

MOBILITY Starter: MoCap Animation Pack is a solid base set of animations to get your Pivot style project going. The Motus Man Character was designed with best practices in mind to retain the natural motion provided by the actor.
– All Animations are included as true Root Motion(reference node) and In-Place.
– All idles and transitions have been carefully pose-matched, for seamless motion trees.
– All animations are .fbx format, standard fbx bone names.

Mobility Starter
A Subset of “Mobility PRO”
***Discount when purchasing the “MOBILITY: PRO Combo Pack”

View 3D Animations on Sketchfab:
Mobility: Starter – Sketchfab

Watch Demo Video:
NOTE: This is a demo combination of motions from all MOBILITY: not just this pack.
Mobility: Demo Video

21+ Mobility Animations – AAA game-ready motions to get your character moving around.

– All animations set as Humanoid, ready for use.
– Includes two gaits: Walk and Run, plus Crouching and jumping.
– Turning in place
– Aim/Look offsets.
– Transitions from a Standing and Crouching.
– The new version has true Root Motion (moving reference root) as an option, as well as In-place for all – 21 Animations x2


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