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MOBILITY: Conversations Mocap Animations

Download MOBILITY: Conversations Mocap Animations Free Unity. 

MOBILITY – Conversations 01
This “Conversation” pack is a subset of “Mobility PRO”

Update: Rev. 2.7B
New MotusMan_V55 Skeleton and Avatar
All animations set as Humanoid.

View 3D Animations on Sketchfab:
Mobility: Conversations Sketchfab

5+ MoCap Animations; A small basic set of AAA game-ready animations for your character to have a casual conversation, a subset of and integrates perfectly with the other “MOBILITY: Mocap Packs”.
– Four different Conversation animations.
– Pose matched to the included MOBILITY: Stand Relaxed Idle.
– New version has true Root Motion (moving reference root) as an option, as well as In-place for all Animations.

This pack is a solid base set of animations to add to your project or standalone. The Motus Man Character was designed with best practices in mind to retain the natural motion provided by the actor.

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