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Mobile Optimized Post Processing

Download Mobile Optimized Post Processing (LWRP URP support) FREE Unity

Fast Optimized Post Processing for low-end mobile devices and VR applications

+ Fast & mobile friendly
+ LWRP/URP support (unity 2019.2.1f1+)
+ Default Render Pipeline support

Bloom – high quality optimized bloom effect implemented using one pass blur method, 250%* faster than post-processing stack

Whole Screen Blur – optimized one pass blur method to make the whole screen blurred (except screen space UI), useful in the main menu, pause menu etc. Takes 0.3ms** to render on my device*.

Lookup table (LUT) – change colours in a scene with one texture (uses 2D texture), this package includes 6 sample textures (neutral lut texture included)

Vignette – the most basic effect, takes a negligible amount of rendering time to apply it to your screen

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