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Mobile Controller System

Production Grade.
Mobile analog stick and universal button system.
Optimized for iOS and Android.
Support multiple screen size.

Youtube :
Android APK :

– Strong scripting API
– Unrestricted modification
– Smooth and accurate mobile controller system
– Mobile have same behavior as editor
– All textures are easy to replace
– Clean, easy to understand C# code
– Allow unrestricted modification
– Based on Unity UI


Analog Stick Behaviour
– Output direction and amount
– Reposition itself based on initial touch input
– Will not reposition if initial touch input is in close proximity of aiming circle
– Aiming circle will not go out of screen boundary
– Extended from Universal Button


Universal Button Behaviour
– can be activated by
1. Press > Release
2. Press > Drag > Release
– cancel Activation by
Press > Drag > release on cancel button
– All events fired with button ID parameter


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