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Mobile Components for Game Creator 1

The Mobile Components Module for Game Creator 1 provides additional features for Game Creator 1 that are not available in the core product. This Module contains everything Mobile and supports Android and iOS devices.

With this Module you get 45 new configurable Actions.

⚡ 22 x New TouchStick Actions for Movements and Camera
⚡ 6 x Mobile Camera Actions
⚡ 6 x Gyroscope/Accelerometer Actions for Movement and Camera
⚡ 4 x Haptics (Vibration) Actions
⚡ 8 x Mobile Utility Actions

You also get 8 new configurable Conditions.

⚡ 4 x General Mobile Conditions
⚡ 2 x Android Conditions
⚡ 2 x iOS Conditions

But wait, there is more. You also get 8 new configurable Triggers for touch Gestures. For example:

⚡ On Pinch
⚡ On Rotate
⚡ On Swipe (8 way)
⚡ On Tap

All features are activated and controlled using Game Creator, no coding is required.

You also get:

⚡ 11 x Detailed Example Scenes
⚡ 10 x New TouchStick Prefabs
⚡ 2 x Bonus Scripts

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