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MOBA / ARPG Effect Pack

A host of magical effects for ARPG and MOBA style games. Watch it on youtube!
30 unique main magical effects, plus matching buffs, debuffs, explosions and other miscellaneous effects. Fire, ice, holy and death magic, faerie sorcery and poisonous blasts.

The pack is very loosely based on my previous effect package, Shuriken Magic (deprecated), and many of the comments refer to that. However this is a new package, the effects use cleaned c# scripts, can be scaled easily, and use real lights. Owners of Shuriken Magic get a large discount.

The effects themselves are simple prefabs, you can simply Instantiate the needed effect wherever you want. The package has some basic scripts that handle movement and such, but you might want to write your own solutions. This package is about the graphics, not the code 🙂

Ideas, questions? Need a similar effect? Feel free to write to kalamona01 at gmail dot com!