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MMO Camera

The MMO Camera is designed to give the same camera feel you find in the world’s most popular MMOs. It’s easy to implement, packed with features, and abstracted from character controllers and input systems, so you have complete control of those systems without having to refactor the camera.

Check out the features video.

Try out the WebGL demo.

MMO Camera Features:

Traditional Mouselook

Right-button mouselook and left-button orbit with an option to pivot the target when the camera is at a 90-degree offset.

Smooth Zoom

The camera zooms smoothly in and out, completely configurable and framerate independent.

Ground-look and Wall-look

Lets the player look up at the ceiling or the sky when hitting the ground and enters into groundlook against walls when level with the target.

Ground-zoom and Ground-fall

While in ground-look the camera rolls in along the terrain when zooming and if you back off a platform or cliff it sinks down but won’t get stuck or blocked by the edge.

Object Occlusion

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