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MMO Accounts & Characters System

MMO Accounts & Characters System 2 has been released!
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-What is MMO Accounts & Characters System?

MMO-ACS is a great package that easily implements in your game a fully working, fast and customizable Login/Register/Load systems for Accounts and Characters using a MySQL database and PHP. It’s suitable for every type of game, multiplayer or not, and working on all platforms. It is developed to be super-user friendly for beginners and easily expanded and improved for intermediate/advanced users.

-For what framework is good MMO-ACS? It is also usable for single-player?

MMO-ACS is absolutely perfect suitable for EVERY framework, like Photon, Unet, DarkRift, Ulink etc. It’s perfect for single-player games as well!


*Account creation with safe e-mail verify.

*Login account system

*Safe “Forgot Your Password” system that sends a link to reset the password of a specific account to his email.

*Character Creator: Select the Name, race, gender, faction, class, and any data you want, save it to the database and load it whenever you need.

*Character Selector: From your account have a list of your characters with data and a preview of the model. The list is sorted by oldest -> newest character.

*Character Deleter: Delete your character from your account with a safe confirmation.

*Included C# scripts

*Included PHP scripts.

*Dinamic Alert Message.

*Server Selector Template

*Customizable settings.

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