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? MMFeedbacks is no doubt the best way to add game feel to your Unity game. ?

⚡ From the creator of the acclaimed Corgi Engine and TopDown Engine, it’s the simplest juice framework out there, whether or not you’re unaccustomed Unity or associate intimate with the developer. Clean code, sensible practices, optimizations, it’ll doubtless fully modification your advancement as way as game feel cares.

? This quality contains the MMFeedbacks system, however conjointly Nice Vibrations and a lot of Mountains’ MMTools library.

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? very straightforward to use, MMFeedbacks are getting to modification the method you create your games amazing. simply produce an associate empty game object, add the MMFeedbacks category to that, and you’ll be able to begin adding and tweaking individual feedbacks. With over thirty completely different feedbacks to select from, it’s currently super straightforward to make games that feel sensible.

? GameObject ?

– Animation: allows you to play associated animation on an animator
– alter Behaviour: permits or disables a mono behaviour once the feedback plays
– Flicker: allows you to quickly modification the colour of a cloth
– Instantiate Object: spawns objects once the feedback plays
– Position: allows you to tweak the position of a remodel over time
– Rotation: allows you to play with the rotation of a remodel over time
– Scale: allows you to animate the size of a remodel over time
– Set Active: sets associate object active or inactive
– Wiggle: allows you to play with rotation, scale and position over time
– Float Controller: probably the foremost powerful of all the MMFeedbacks, this one allows you to manage a float worth on any mono behaviour
– Shader Controller: the same as the Float Controller, allows you to manage most settings of any shader
– MMFeedbackBlink: allows you to blink objects in numerous manners

? Camera ?

– Shake: shakes the camera over time
– Zoom: Allows you to centre or out once the feedback plays
– Flash: flash a picture on the screen, or just a colour for a brief length
– Fade: fade a picture in or out, helpful for transitions