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MK Toon – Stylized Shader

Download MK Toon Stylized Shader Free Unity. 

MK Toon is an artist-friendly and feature-rich stylized shader, which is able to achieve very customized non-photorealistic visuals. The shader follows a physically based input to create a local antialiased & stylized output. This shader is compatible with the Builtin, Lightweight, and Universal Render Pipelines. The package includes standard and particles shader variations.

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In addition to the stylized rendering, the shader can be used as an enhanced standard shader simply by changing the light model. The shader also handles fallbacks automatically for a high stability across almost all platforms. Based on the setup the shader strips away unused shader code to guarantee the maximum possible performance. To provide an easy to use adaptive workflow the custom material editor is tweaked towards artists. Every feature can be combined with each other to create a new unique style.

⚡Included Tools⚡
Install Wizard: Fast setup even on scriptable Render Pipelines.
Mesh Utility: Create new meshes with smoothed normals to achieve better outlines.
Ramp Creator: Allows you to create 1D ramp textures based on a set gradient.
Texture Channel Packer: lets you create a new texture based on four inputs. This way you can combine different color channels of different textures into a new one.
Material Upgrader: lets you upgrade MK Toon materials, which were created using Built-in Render Pipeline to LWRP or URP.

Physically based properties: Artists are able to maintain their physically based metallic, specular or roughness workflow. Physically based input => Stylized output.
Lighting Styles: Builtin, Cel, Banded and Ramp modes are available to completely customize the lighting.
Artistic: To style lighting even further there are three artistic modes available: Drawn, Sketch and Hatching. Every of them can be projected onto the object in tangent space or a screen space.
Normal Mapping: Seamlessly integrated normal mapping into the stylized lighting.
Parallax Mapping: Approximated parallax mapping can be used to enhance the normal mapping.
Specular: Isotropic and anisotropic specular are possible.
Diffuse: Lambert (default), Oren Nayar(takes the roughness of the surface and the view angle into account.) and Minnaert ( Lighting adds some darkening limbs based on the view angle. Good for things like fabric) diffuse shading is available.
Occlusion: Two way occlusion to control the direct and indirect light occlusion.
Emission: Every material can be emissive.
Detail: Details maps are able to add a detail layer on top of the albedo input using a mixed, additive or multiplied behavior. Even detail normals are possible.
Gooch: Fully control the bright and dark areas of your object by interpolating between specific colors based on the lighting condition.
Rim: Rim Lighting is based on the fresnel effect. Outer areas of the Material will be highlighted.
Iridescence: Adds a Iridescence effect on top of the surface. Based on the viewing angle, areas will change color gradually.
Color Grading: Controls how the contrast, saturation and brightness is applied.
Dissolve: Dissolves the surface based on a given pattern.
Vertex Animation: The Vertex Animation offers three generic animations, which are computed on the shaders side (no additional setup required).
Light Transmission: Light will pass through the object and defines how (Subsurface or Translucent) it passes through.
Particles: Customize particles like the default geometry.
Stencil: Fully controllable stencil buffer.
Refraction: Creates a refracted look for geometry behind the surface.
Outlines: Based on the 3 outline modes tweaked towards pixel perfection. Even and uneven outlines are possible.
Stutter: Vertex Animations and Artistic features can stutter to simulate a redrawn effect.
Custom Editor: Easy to use inspector tweaked towards artists to combine each feature and create an unique style.
XR: VR and AR compatible.
Vertex Colors: Vertex colors are automatically used if no albedo map is set.

Spectate: Over 100 stylized materials.
Outlines: Outlined objects using different shapes.
Witch Lab: Stylized Environment.
Flying Isles: 10 variations Artistic: Artistic stylized objects