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MK Toon – Stylized Shader

MK Toon is a stylized shader, which is able to achieve a very stylish & unique non-photorealistic shading. It can cover a wide variety of art styles and offers a deep level of customization.

MK Toon – Stylized Shader is an artist-friendly and feature-rich stylized shader, which is able to achieve very customized & unique non-photorealistic visuals. It can cover a wide variety of comprehensive art styles. The package includes standard and particles shader variations.

To provide an easy to use adaptive workflow the custom material editor is tweaked towards artists. Every feature can be combined with each other to create a new unique style.

Demo: WebGL – Android – Windows

Follow development: Trello

⤴️NEW! : Optimized outline rendering on URP (drawcalls & depth priming)

⤴️NEW! : Indirect Lighting Fade Feature


Physically based input => stylized output: MK Toon follows your physically based input to create a local antialiased & stylized output.

Comprehensive shading model: The flexible and versatile custom shading model allows you to quickly iterate through a huge variety of art styles.

Creative Freedom: Every shader feature can be combined with each other to achieve the very special and stylized visuals you want.


⚡Included Shaders⚡

Unlit: Straightforward Unlit Shader with basic features.

Simple: Lit Shader with tons of customization options.

Physically Based: Lit Shader built upon physically based rendering to produce a highly unique stylized visuals.

Outline: Every shader can have a stylized outline.

Refraction: Refractive standard and particles shader versions available.

Standard & Particles: Standard and particles variations included.

Possible art styles: Cel shading, ramp lighting, anime, manga, cartoon, stylized realistic, artistic, watercolor or mix your own.

Create your own and unique style: Every available feature can be combined using the material editor to create a very customized shading.

Bonus: Rotatable gradient skybox shader


✅Physically based properties: Artists are able to maintain their physically based metallic, specular or roughness workflow. Physically based input => Stylized output.

✅Lighting Styles: Builtin, Cel, Banded and Ramp modes are available to completely customize the lighting.

✅Artistic: To style lighting even further there are three artistic modes available: Drawn, Sketch and Hatching. Every of them can be projected onto the object in tangent space or a screen space.

✅Normal Mapping: Seamlessly integrated normal mapping into the stylized lighting.

✅Parallax Mapping: Approximated parallax mapping can be used to enhance the normal mapping.

✅Specular: Isotropic and anisotropic specular are possible.

✅Diffuse: Lambert (default), Oren Nayar(takes the roughness of the surface and the view angle into account.) and Minnaert ( Lighting adds some darkening limbs based on the view angle. Good for things like fabric) diffuse shading is available.

✅Occlusion: Two way occlusion to control the direct and indirect light occlusion.

✅Emission: Every material can be emissive.

✅Detail: Details maps are able to add a detail layer on top of the albedo input using a mixed, additive or multiplied behavior. Even detail normals are possible.

✅Threshold Offset: It is used to distort the light intensity to create special gradients between bright and dark areas of the surface.

✅Gooch: Fully control the bright and dark areas of your object by interpolating between specific colors based on the lighting condition.

✅Rim: Rim Lighting is based on the fresnel effect. Outer areas of the Material will be highlighted.

✅Iridescence: Adds a Iridescence effect on top of the surface. Based on the viewing angle, areas will change color gradually.

✅Color Grading: Controls how the contrast, saturation and brightness is applied.

✅Dissolve: Dissolves the surface based on a given pattern.

✅Vertex Animation: The Vertex Animation offers three generic animations, which are computed on the shaders side (no additional setup required).