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Missile and Rocket behavior

Missile and Rocket behavior
This asset contains an easy way to save time if your game has missile or rocket in their gameplay, you can use any of the 14 premade examples and use directly in your game or create new missile behavior whit no necessity of writing a line of code. The demo scene shows you an example to launch its whit input and how to impact and damage an enemy. All script and models in videos and example images are included.


-An easy way to give missile or rocket characteristics to any object.

-Modify the damage caused by the missiles and their components.

-It allows to perform complex behavior by nesting and varying the characteristics of the missiles.

-14 premade missile examples ready to use.

-7 examples for script variation to make specific behavior.

-6 missiles model, 1 tank model, and 1 missile launcher, all are hand-painted.