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MIS-LockOn is a custom add-on for Invector that runs based on Middleware For Invector Template (MIS).


⭐Middleware For Invector Template v2.7.3+ REQUIRED⭐

Invector Template (Invector) which is one of the best controllers can be upgraded with MIS and MIS Packages. If you are not familar with MIS yet, please watch this MIS v2 Quick Setup Guide.


Targeting(Including Lock-On) and Target Indicator features are essential in most games. MIS-LockOn integrates these two features and provides better performance and easy customization.

Attacking enemies while moving fast is not easy. On the other hand, it is difficult to develop various weapons without the features provided by MIS-LockOn. Meanwhile, a better system is needed to target a growing number of enemies. Please check it on MIS-Motorcycle trailer either.

All MIS combat packages including MIS-Motorcycle, MIS-MagicSpell, and etc. will be developed based on MIS-LockOn. Let your players have experience a faster, more varied and easier combat system.

All combat features of MIS are developed using MIS-LockOn. It’s very simple and offers amazing performance.


⭐Key Benefits⭐

✅ Provides All-In-One Setup

✅ High performance

All target game objects are automatically registered and managed on Start().
It makes not to call APIs to search for colliders or look up game objects every frame
Uses only one Screen Space – Overay Canvas for all indicators
Provides better optimization feature through targeting frequency for low end devices
✅ Finding targets options

By Distance / Angle / Obstacle detection
Toggle Targeting: Left CTRL + Mouse 2
✅ LockOn

Set / Change: Mouse 2 button (Default)
Release: When the LockOn target is out of the screen (Mandatory)
✅ Provides Auto LockOn (Always the current target is set to LockOn target)

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