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– Easy setup

✅ Ragdoll

– When the vehicle is overturned

– When the vehicle collides with the forward obstacle

– When the character/vehicle get hit by explosive weapons

– When exit while moving

✅ Included 24 animation clips

– w/wo door type

✅ Compatible with MIS-Helicopter-AH64D

– You can alternate between a car and a helicopter

✅ Supports DestroyIt

✅ Provides chained-action between Invector/MIS add-ons

– Refer to the MIS Document

✅ Provides a Demo scene

✅ Does not modify Invector core

✅ All MIS packages runs on a feature-based basis


⭐Quick Setup Sequence⭐


#2 MIS

#3 EVP

#4 MIS-CarRider-EVP



✅ No refund allowed after downloading

✅ Demo cars such as Truck, Cyberpunk, and Hummer are not included

✅ Not support Edy’s Vehicle Physics Pro Communication Edition

✅ MIS-CarRider users can purchase MIS-Helicopter-AH64D at a discounted price

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