Minimalist – Lowpoly Flat/Gradient Shader

Download Minimalist – Lowpoly Flat/Gradient Shader Free Unity. 

Minimalist is a shader package to help you make stunning looking low-poly/stylized games for any platform. Packed with hundreds of parameters with an easily accessible uber inspector, will help customize the look of your game however you want.


Key Features :
☐ Shade all sides of a mesh with Vertex Color/Flat Color/Gradient independently within one material
☐ No UV needed for coloring
☐ Diffuse Textures support for surface details, decals etc
☐ Prebaked/UnityBaked AO support. Customizable
☐ Unity Lightmap support. Additive/Multiplicative
☐ Global Unity Fog support
☐ Per material customizable Height fog
☐ Per material color correction
☐ Rim Light for rounded objects
☐ Ambient Color
☐ Color tweakable Realtime Shadow
☐ Transparency
☐ Double Sided
☐ No lighting means High Performance
☐ GPU Instancing
☐ Universal Render pipeline
☐ SRP Batcher Support
☐ Mobile/VR ready
☐ Easy to use, comes with a Uber Inspector
☐ 8 sample scenes included
☐ Gradient Skybox shader included

Would you like me to see where you’re using it? Submit a game for the portfolio!

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Now Download Minimalist – Lowpoly Flat/Gradient Shader Free Unity

Note: Due to some issue small files uploaded on google drive causing a minor problem, ( instead of zip or unitypackage ) .gz extension is getting downloaded, don’t worry, click again on the link it will download the original file.

Thank you!

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Download For Free Server 1 v2.6.0DOWNLOAD
Download For Free Server 2 v2.6.0DOWNLOAD
Download For Free Server 3 v2.6.0DOWNLOAD

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