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Mini Legion Orc Warband HP


– Grunt 781 Polycount(Tris).
– Hod Rider 1059 Polycount(Tris)
– Berserker 806 Polycount(Tris)
– Head Hunter 800 Polycount(Tris)
– Warlock 764 Polycount(Tris)
– Minion 623 Polycount(Tris)
– Drake 838 Polycount(Tris)
– Band Wagon 707 Polycount(Tris)

Animation List

– Idle
– Attack01
– Attack02
– Victory
– Walk
– Run
– GetHit
– Die

Dungeon Mason proudly presents you Mini Legion Warband HP pack. This light weight units will be suitable for any of your game projects spanning from mobile to PC desktop, but especially good for mobile RTS and MOBA game development.

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Download Mini Legion Orc Warband HP Free Unity.

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