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Ming-Mei Rigged Character

Ming-Mei is a stylized character made in Blender 2.91. She is made for use with Blender. She is also made for Vtubing, and the Unity file used to make the VRM is icluded. She has a couple outfits and all parts are textured including normals, and she has a full rig with expressions for both Blender and Vtubing.

BLENDER FILE DETAILS: The model is high resolution and all meshes are UV unwrapped. Each mesh has a subdivision surface modifier so it looks good when rendered. 2 Rigged Blender files (with and without GUI picker) *** Fully featured rig with IK/FK switch, foot roll, eye target lock, elbow pinning and more. 33 expressions saved in a pose library and shapekeys. 6 Clothing: dress, tank top, shorts, panties, 2 shoe styles. Clothes rests over the body mesh. With this strategy, new clothes can be made. Each clothing piece is rigged and textured, and can be toggled on and off in the outliner. Adjustable makup, hair, eye, and clothing colors 101 Textures: diffuse, normals, roughness, alpha, 1-4k resolution Beach photo stage – to make your own renderings.

Model information: Polys: 22,800 Verts: 29,700 (main outfit)