You are currently viewing MicroVerse – Core Collection

MicroVerse – Core Collection

Meadow Environment – Dynamic Nature

Mountain Trees – Dynamic Nature

StampIt – Collection – plus all individual StampIt packs

Synty – Meadow Forest

Tropical Forest Pack

Other MicroVerse products:

MicroVerse : The core module. Handles height and texturing operations.

MicroVerse-Ambiance : Create music and soundfx areas with the same tools

MicroVerse-Masks : Generate texture masks from the same stamping system

MicroVerse-Objects : Spawn Game Objects across your scene

MicroVerse-Roads: Create Roads, Rollercoasters, etc.

MicroVerse-Splines : Create spline paths through your forest, or constrain the effects of any stamp to a spline based area

MicroVerse-Vegetation : Spawn vegetation with the same realtime/non-destructive workflow

Check out some of our other products:

Better Lit Shader – A feature rich uber shader that runs on all render pipelines

Better Shaders – Write text based shaders that work across all render pipelines

MicroSplat – The most popular and feature rich terrain shading system on the asset store

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