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MicroSplat – Mesh Workflow

Download MicroSplat – Mesh Workflow Free Unity. 

The Mesh Workflow module for MicroSplat adds several new features to the MicroSplat framework.

Features Added:

– Ability to work with arbitrary meshes instead of only Unity Terrains and terrain meshes

– Can generate shaders to paint up to 32 textures on a mesh, backed by splat map control textures

– (NEW) Object Shader module included, which creates regular shaders like the standard or lit shaders with features like Snow, Wetness, Trax Included.

– (NEW) Vertex painting based workflow, supporting up to 28 textures and sharing all features with texture backed workflow added.

– Shaders can be generated to work over existing materials, so you can keep your current custom shader in use and paint splat maps over it, or as standalone shaders with regular texture slots similar to the standard shader included

– GPU based painter for painting on meshes is included, allowing you to paint with texture based brushes and even add your own brush textures.

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