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Micro Monster & Heroes Pack Low Poly

12 low poly hand painted micro monsters, and 3 heroes, all are rigged and fully animated.

Druid Lara (670 Tris)
Knight Balan (663 Tris)
Wizard Morgan Fizban (718 Tris)

Bat Vlad (608 Tris)
Demon Daryl (622 Tris)
Dragon Fino (400 Tris)
Ghost Hubert (552 Tris)
Mummy Taal (302 Tris)
Orc Gronk (396 Tris)
Skeleton Tom (284 Tris)
Squid Dave (420 Tris)
Ghoul Gobrot (868 Tris)
Troll Malak (666 Tris)
Werewolf Otis (362 Tris)
Zombie Brian (314 Tris)

2048 Textures (easy to downsize as required).