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MicControl 3

MicControl 3 is finally here! Written from the ground up in C#!

MicControl 3 is available from Unity version 5.3.5 and up. However, only the latest unity version will feature pre-build example scenes.

Mac users be aware that osX and other systems do not support the use of multiple microphones!
Windows and Linux users do not suffer this OS limitation.

MicControl 2 users are aware that upgrading to MicControl 3 will break your current version! Completely remove the asset from your project before upgrading! MicControl 3 has all the good old features MicControl 2 offered. Such as the well-known loudness value and its bigger brother spectrumData[]! Dropping UnityScript and written in C# from the ground up.

Have you ever wanted to use your microphone as a game mechanic or feature? Now you can!

Literally blow your game away with this simple but very powerful asset!

Mic Control 3 is a script build on-top of Unity’s Microphone class.

It takes away the pain of setting up the microphone class yourself, allows you to call information from a microphone device and use that data through the “loudness” or “spectrum data” variables.

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