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MFPS 2.0 is an advance multiplayer first-person game kit for beginning develop your own on-line Federal Protective Service game, this kit includes all the fundamentals and a few advance systems that every one multiplayer shooter need, this game kit is incredibly polished, victimization last Unity technologies with high potency and performance, nice and skilled UI victimization UGUI, player mechanism animations, you’ve got heaps of options to customise to your style and required, victimization gauge boson Unity Networking as network solutions, you have 3 different game modes within the core of kit: Free for All, Team Death Match and Capture the Flag conjointly have 4 player categories that you just will modify to your style, vi completely different types of weapons: Rifle, Sniper, Shotgun, Pistol, bomb and Knife, abdominal aortic aneurysm graphic choices, simply customizable, full C#, is way a lot of created this kit one amongst the most effective for on-line Federal Protective Service development in the world.


So? would like a high and skilled multiplayer Federal Protective Service example for begin to develop your game with a large basis and advance options for an inexpensive worth, this is often your best choice, also with heaps of options that the core kit comes there are a lot of addons for desegregation and make a next-gen multiplayer Federal Protective Service, there are different kits around however any of those compare with MFPS, some centred solely on the Federal Protective Service systems however not multiplayer or dangerous multiplayer implementation with an excellent performance price, and also the multiplayer focus kit has simply many bases options with dangerous gameplay and UI what created you begin with a 25% – 30%, with MFPS you begin with a � prepared abdominal aortic aneurysm game.

Feature List:

3 game modes: Team Death Match, Free For All, Capture of Flag.
Player team system.
New Shooter AI.
New Party with bots and real player all adjust over the network.
New Team Voice chat.
Private and Public match
Player category, four types of players category with different characteristics (Assault, Engineer, Support, Recon)
6 completely different reasonably weapons: Rifle, Sniper, Shotgun, Pistol, bomb and Knife Advanced weapon system
Friend List.
Damage Indicator.
Lobby chat
Team choice and Auto-Team selection
Kick Votation System.
Fire sorts (Auto, Single and Semi-Automatic)
precise synchronization of bullets and positions
Fall harm.
Player area kick
Server statistics, total players, total rooms, ping
Health regeneration choice
KillFeed Corner (WhoKilledWho)
Room limit
Ladder System
IK hand position
Headshot detection.
Bullet path choice.
AFK detection.
Max Kill area limit
weapon Fov choice in a playday
Max allowed player ping to hitch in a very area
Draw Name on top of Head.
Player footstep.
Graphic menu settings
Multiplayer in-room chat
Smooth weapon Movements once is running
Weapon develop the system over a network
Throw gun when death
Ammo and medic kit throwing
Kill Camera.
Teammate health bar UI.
UGUI Crosshair
Advance Heat look with IK support
Animated Hit marker
Spawn hand impact indicator
Friendly fire options
Switch team in mid-room
Push to speak or motorcar voice detection.
AAA Graphic
Graphic menu settings
High performance
Full C# clean code

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Now Download MFPS Multiplayer FPS Free Unity

MFPS – Multiplayer FPSv1.0.9Download
MFPS 2.0 Multiplayer FPS v1.6Download
MFPS 2.0 v1.5 + addons.rarDownload

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  1. wondedtitan

    after importing this to unity 2019.3 , its showing lots of error how to deal with it

    1. mdazhar007

      You gotta check out in the console and deal with codes, tweak it… or wait for some time, hope we will update accordingly. Thank you!

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