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MeshKit – Mesh Decimation, Separation, Combining and Editing Tools

Download MeshKit – Mesh Decimation, Separation, Combining, and Editing Tools FREE Unity. 

Supports Unity 2017.x to 2020.x!

About MeshKit

MeshKit is an integrated plugin for editing and optimizing meshes. MeshKit includes an in-depth asset management system that cleans your unused assets and helps protect your meshes from accidental deletion – a common scenario for combining meshes or using prefabs with a shared mesh across different scenes.

Mesh Kit offers some handy tools to Separate meshes as well as to flip, make them double-sided, or to dynamically rebuild them with or without tangents and normals on the fly – all without affecting the original mesh.

MeshKit also excels at combining 3D assets that were not even designed for games, offering a dedicated approach for dealing with Submeshes using powerful separation tools. This streamlines your game, significantly reduces draw calls and reduces overhead!

That’s not all, MeshKit includes a powerful decimator tool which can reduce the triangles of complex meshes as well as an Automatic LOD tool that can dynamically create a decimated LOD Group with a single click! As objects move away from the camera, their lower poly versions will be used which boosts performance!

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