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Mesh Transformation

Download Mesh Transformation Free Unity. 

With this tool, you can make animations such as:

– transformation werewolf,
– zombie,
– mutant,
– turning a person into an animal,
– healing of injuries
– Animate other items, such as a car
– creating a dynamically mask in real time for a mutation or destruction of the body ,
– creating BlendShapes to change the physique of characters.

Necessary that on models “A” and “B” there are the same uv coordinates (uv0 or uv1 or uv2 or uv3) (The same topology).
Can be used for Android, the latest video shows how it works on my phone

Works with MeshRenderer and with SkinnedMeshRenderer
There are shaders for LWRP
For most shaders you need a Directx 11 or higher
More details can be found in the small documentation inside the Asset
If you have any questions or issues with the assets, contact me:
If you have a very different Unity version and Unity crashes, delete the files in the “Meshes” folder and generate the mesh again by clicking on the “Calculate Mesh” button.
Do not delete the folder but only the files inside it

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