You are currently viewing Mesh Extractor 2 – Separate meshes, materials and textures

Mesh Extractor 2 – Separate meshes, materials and textures

Separate your assets into useful parts within seconds.

???? This asset is also part of the Mesh Tools Bundle. ????

What’s it good for?

You only need parts of the awesome model you have just purchased?

With this tool you can extract what you need within seconds.

You will get a ready to use Prefab with sliced textures and remapped UVs.

???? NEW in v2: Save & Load Selections

Now you can save and load selections permanently.

???? NEW in v2: SPLIT / REMOVE Workflow

New workflows for in-place editing.

???? NEW in v2: Improved usability (occlusion, window tabs, …)

Lots of small but impactful improvements.

✔️ Super easy to use.

Just draw on the mesh and hit the “Extract Mesh” button.

✔️ Prefab generation

After extraction the tool will generate a prefab which uses all the new meshes, materials and textures.

✔️ Material based separation & Sub Mesh Support

Preserve or merge sub meshes. Either based on sub mesh index or material.

✔️ Pivot modifier

Choose the pivot freely for your new mesh. Snap the pivot to any vertex.

✔️ Skinned Mesh Support

Skinned meshes are BAKED in their current pose and then exported as a static mesh (just like MeshRenderer).

✔️ Bones and BoneWeight Support

Bones are added to the exported prefab. Bone weights and bind poses are added to the mesh.

✔️ Blend Shape Support

Blend shapes are added to the exported prefab. Blend shape frames are added to the mesh.

✔️ Multi Object Support

Extract meshes from multiple objects and export them separately or combine them to one single mesh.

✔️ OBJ Export

Export your meshes as .obj + .mtl files. Use this if you want to open the mesh in other 3D tools like Blender, Maya, Max,… .

⚠️ OBJ files can not contain multiple UV sets, beldn shapes or bone information. That’s a file format limitation.

HINT: Check out Unitys own FBX exporter plugin. Using that you can easily export any extracted mesh (including blends hapes andbones infos).

✔️ Texture Export*

Creates a new (smaller) texture based on the selected polygons. It also remaps the UVs to match your new mesh.

⚠️ *Textures are searched by common property names like ‘_MainTex’ or ‘_BaseMap’. Please check the manual for more details. You can add custom shader properties in the MaterialPropertyExtensions.cs class. – It also does ignore tiling and offests set in shaders.

✔️ Tested with high poly meshes

Though you should keep it under a hundred thousand triangles or else the extraction may take a while.

✔️ None-Destructive workflow

Your original assets remain the same. This just generates new assets based on their data.

✔️ Undo/Redo

Selections have full undo/redo. Split and Remove have partial undo support. Remember: it’s non-destructive so you will never ever loose your original model.

✔️ Full Source Code included!

I publish this asset with full source code because as a developer I know how annoying it is to not have source code access. If you like it then please remind others to purchase the plugin. Don’t just copy and paste it everywhere. Thank you ❤️

✔️ Supports Unity 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, Unity 6, … LTS

⚠️ Please be aware that for high poly models (> 100k) the select-linked feature may not always work. It has to analyze the whole mesh and it would simply take too long. However, you can change the max time limit for select-linked in the settings. – HINT: Instead of increasing the time limit use select-linked multiple times from multiple locations to build up your selection.