Mesh Deformer

Mesh Deformer editor extension will help you easily arrange objects; duplicate bend and twist meshes along curve; edit pivot point, combine and save meshes.

♥ X, Y, Z axis bending;
♥ Mesh twisting;
♥ Mesh thickness editing;
♥ Configurable curve approximation level;
♥ Configurable curve count per mesh;
♥ Configurable spacing between meshes;
♥ Spline loops;
♥ Spline smoothing;
♥ Spline control point modes;
♥ Spline control points editing (snap mode);
♥ Non-deforming (rigid mode);
♥ Mesh subdivision (increase tris count);
♥ Combine meshes;
♥ Pivot point editing;
♥ Work with multi-material meshes;
♥ Full editor Undo/Redo support;
♥ Runtime Editor (Experimental);
Previous version included: MeshDeformerLegacy.unitypackage
Demo Scene: DemoPackage.unitypackage

Asset Store Link:

Download For Free Server 1 v2.07Download
Download For Free Server 2 v2.07Download
Download For Free Server 3 v2.07Download

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  1. Mick

    Please reupload! Thanks!!!

    1. Unityassets4free

      Thank you for the feedback. Updated…

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