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Mesh Combine Studio 2

Download Mesh Combine Studio FREE Unity. 

Mesh Combine Studio is an automatic cell-based mesh combiner which can significantly to dramatically improve the performance of your game. It can be used on any type of game for any platform.

We use Mesh Combine Studio technology in our game D.R.O.N.E. for our modular Arena Editor and without it, we would only get 1 fps.

Instead of manually combining meshes, which is very tedious, MCS will do this automatically for you and the performance improvements it gives cannot be achieved with manual combining. Just simple drag and drop an MCS prefab in your Scene and tweak some values to your specific needs and you are ready to go.

Mesh Combine Studio can give up to 20x better performance compared to Unity’s static batching. MCS can give a more smooth and stable FPS. The smaller the to combining meshes are the more performance improvement it gives. It works great on systems that use modular meshes as well as static objects like buildings, props, rocks, etc. MCS has unique features to remove geometry that is never visible to the camera.