You are currently viewing Melee 2 | Game Creator 2 by Catsoft Works

Melee 2 | Game Creator 2 by Catsoft Works

Slash, kick and crush enemies using weapons or bare hands!

This module requires Unity 2022.2 and Game Creator 2 in order to work.

Create Melee combat systems with the easiest and most powerful tool! Define different attack phases for each attack animation, the canceling frames, and create combos and rules to execute them!

– Every Skill is a separate asset

– Define Anticipation, Strike and Recovery phases for each attack

– Easily create Combos and chain Skill attacks together

– Play Reactions that depend on the attack received

– Create synchronized Takedowns or finishers!

– Multiple motion options for each Skill

– Block and Parry attacks using rules defined in Shield assets

– Dodge attacks and play custom visual effects

– Let characters Poise through attacks

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