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– Tools for painting Unity Terrains with MegaSplat brushes

– Custom brushes for MegaSplat, allowing you to paint down multiple textures blended by noise, filtered by angle, or height.

– Tools for integrating Tessellation/Displacement results with Physics, so physical objects can react to the displaced surface.

– Procedural texturing systems for runtime and editor time procedural texturing. Use the included procedure, or build your own with the built-in Texture Graph, a shader graph like system for texturing terrains and objects.

– Not just for organic terrain textures either! Put all your textures into an array, paint each texture onto the mesh, and draw entire scenes in just 1 draw call.

– Detailed documentation as well as video tutorials on how to use MegaSplat.

– Nodes for Amplify Shader Editor, allowing you to use the MegaSplat technique in your own shaders.

– Tools for applying MegaSplat brushes over entire terrains, using images produced by external editors.

– Components for getting surface information from collisions and ray casts at runtime.

– Examples of how to paint meshes or terrains at runtime efficiently, and have physics interact with tessellated terrains.

– Direct integrations with many common assets, including Map Magic, Enviro, Landscape Builder, Terrain Engine, Curved World shaders, and more..

This Asset’s shaders work with Unity’s standard shader lighting model, and support many additional features, such as Flow Mapping, Refractive Flow Mapping, Triplanar texturing, paintable puddles, steams and lava flows, raindrops, wetness and porosity, custom texture packing formats, macro texturing, detail texturing, parallax, tessellation, snow, glitter, object blending, and much more. Shaders and tools for working with MegaSplat on meshes or Unity Terrains are included.

It requires shader model 3.5 level hardware, which includes openGLES 3.0, Metal, DX11, openGL 3.2 or better, and most console hardware. DX9 and OpenGLES2.0 do not support Texture Arrays, and are thus not supported.

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