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MegaFiers – 2

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Deform game objects with over 50 deformers and Warps. Stack your effects and bring the animation possibilities found in Max, Maya and Blender to your game projects and characters. 40x Less CPU usage
Render pipeline compatibility




MegaFiers – 2 is also available in our MegaFiers Bundle and our MegaFiers Mini Bundle

This is our all new version of our very popular MegaFiers asset for Unity 2019 onwards. It features a complete rewrite of all the core systems to make use of Unity Burst and Jobs which brings between 5 and 40 times less CPU use for all the deformations.

MegaFiers is complete Mesh deformation, animation and Morphing system including over 50 modifiers such as Bend, Twist, FFD, Displace, Taper and many more. They can be stacked in any combination and any number of modifiers can be applied to a mesh to achieve complex results. Objects can stretch, squash or be bent over of deformed, whatever your imagination allows. Or use the Space Warps to automatically deform your objects as they moved through areas in space. Other additions to the suite include Point Cache animation support, and a dynamic water ripple and floating object system.

All deformations work in Editor Mode as well as Play Mode so you can use the deformers to add variety to your models when building your scene.

MegaFiers is also ideal for deforming TextMeshPro objects (both Mesh and now UI versions) so you can animate your text in interesting ways. And also works with ProBuilder allowing you to create more interesting levels directly inside Unity. And a new feature is the ability to use the Modifiers to deform Sprites.