Mega Shapes

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We’ve all seen games with stunning rolling backgrounds – currently, you’ll be able to have them too!

Desperately want to make your own stunning racing game? No downside with Mega Shapes. Draw a spline for the road, draw a cross-section and so loft a road. need additional detail? Then loft a barrier and it’ll mechanically adapt to the paved surface. Slide the barriers in or out, scale them, twist them – your imagination’s the sole limit! Use the powerful rail clone feature to repeat and position sets of objects on your path, like fences, power-lines, trees, etc! you’ll be able to even have your lofts adapt to terrains or any mesh beneath them, and currently, you’ll be able to carve your lofts directly into a piece of grounds to urge an ideal mix from your loft creation to your game terrain.

Mega Shapes conjointly offers you a scatter system which will take any objects you select and scatter them on your road and have them mechanically adapt to the prevailing mesh’s surface.

Other enclosed systems are an entire Bezier spline creation system and convert those splines to meshes, dynamic hoses, self-propelled vehicle systems, basic rope and chain system, and path following.

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