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Mega Cache

Playback OBJ file sequences with virtually zero CPU use, also import Particle Systems from Max, Maya, and Blender for playback plus support for Point Cloud data import and playback, great for Brekel.

MegaCache can also be found in our MegaFiers Bundle and the Chris West Bundle.

If you have ever wanted to get complex mesh animations such as fluid surfaces or fracturing objects or even complex Particle systems into Unity then you need MegaCache.

MegaCache is an editor extension that allows you to import cached animated mesh geometry regardless of the topology, vertex count changes, materials uses, etc of each mesh in the cached sequence. MegaCache will import, merge, optimize and compress the data to allow for amazing playback performance on any device. MegaCache uses OBJ files for import so will work with all 3D Packages.

You can also use MegaCache for importing complex particle system animations so you can leverage the power of 3ds Max Particle Flows or Maya particles to build stunning systems not possible in the standard Unity particles. Particle import support for Blender also supported.

Special Early Adopter Price $50

MegaCache Features

– Compatible with Unity versions from 3.5 to 2021

– Works with all Render Pipelines

– Import OBJ file sequences

– Import Particle systems

– Point Cloud CSV Import (beta)

– Point Cloud XYZ file format support

– Point Cloud PLY file format support

– Blazingly fast playback

– Optimized memory use

– Merge multiple objects