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Medieval Mega Pack Volume 2

Update Version 2.0 is now here!
Here’s what’s new in 2.0:
– 177 New prefabs included! – 66 new castle pieces
– 5 special buildings (2 Barracks, 2 Chapels, and a Castle Keep)
– 3 more crate and barrel prefabs
– 12 fences
– 13 maps, scrolls, paper items
– 23 religious items for the chapels (benches, incense holders and sticks, podiums, etc )
– 12 fancier style chairs and tables
– 11 throne room props (king and queens chair, sconces, chandeliers)
– 3 chests
– 5 more houses
– 16 cliff prefabs (2 different variants)
– 8 new trees and bushes
– 1 extended demo scene of the Village cove, with a hidden keep in the mountains
– 1 New demo scene for Version 2.0

This is a new pack, featuring new models, separate from my others.
Mega Pack means a large collection of modular pieces and props for vast scene creations!

I have included a public demo scene for all to try before you buy! Join my discord, and head over to the tab called #demo-scenes, and you’ll find a .zip file to download and play!
For more questions and or to play the demo, Please visit my Discord


– 2048 res textures.
– Overall style is a stylized realistic mix, great for medium to high quality games. Which fits well with either stylized or PBR type looks!
– Since im not a custom Shader artist by trade, most materials are standard materials. There is a water plane included, which is not animated. But instead just a simple plain with a texture for example purposes.
– This package was built using the standard built-in pipeline.
– There is one material type, which will not convert easily to an external pipeline, which is my leaves material. In my pack: Stylized Trees and Foliage , there is a URP Shader which i have made, and the trees included in this pack, are using the same style and texturing pattern as those trees!
– With that said, all other materials are using Unity’s standard material, which can easily convert to URP or HDRP with just a few clicks!
Tris counts range as follows:
– Small props, and furnishing = average from 12 tris – 2,500 tris, with LODS included
– Trees = around average of 6,000 – 8,000 tris at LOD 0 with multiple stages of LODs.
– Houses (With full interiors) = Prebuilt, full sized houses, can range anywhere from 18,000 tris – 30,000 tris on average.
– This package is less modular compared to my other packs, but with houses and other structures being prebuilt for you, this pack is great on draw calls, and carefully optimized.
– There are a fair amount of props and nature prefabs to place in your scenes.
– Nature items ranging from small to huge trees, rocks and grouped rocks, ranging from small pebbles to larger boulders, bushes and flowers, and 1 grass and 1 yellow flower texture to paint detail onto your terrain scene!


329 prefabs included!

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