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Medieval Knight (PBR) Animated

The Medieval armored knight for Unity3D with two moving animation sets(single handed weapon +shield and two handed weapon).

This pack contains:
– fully rigged character model in FBX format with 4 stages of LODs
– next-gen texture set for character (color, normal-map, metallness) and PBR shader materials setup
– 34 animations in FBX (two types of moving sets: 2 handed sword and 1 handed sword+shield)
– 2 sword 3d models & textures (color, normal-map, metallness)
– shield model & texture (color, normal-map, metallness)
tris count: LOD0(High) = 3448 tris
LOD1(Medium) = 2762 tris
LOD2(Low) = 1704 tris
LOD3(Lowest) = 866 tris