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Mech Constructor: Spiders and Tanks

The pack contains over 70 prefabs
of different modules, that will allow you to create numerous combinations of animated and ready to fight mechs and vehicles.
The mechs are extremely easy
to assemble – just drop the parts into
the corresponding containers and
they’ll snap right into place.
The poly count of units varies
from 1.4k to 3.3k tris.
The textures vary from hand painted
4k diffuse atlas, which looks good
even unlit, to the set of PBR maps.

The pack can be greatly expanded by
The Light and Meduim Mechs, Humanoid Robots,
The Turrets and Sci-Fi Vehicles assets.
All the parts are fully compatible.



– 3 transforming Spider Legs/Chassis
– 3 non-transforming Spider Legs
– 4 Chassis on Tracks
– 5 Tank Chassis
– 3 Buggy Chassis
– 6 Cockpits (+2 Gun mounts)
– 3 types of Shoulders
– animated Shoulder Extender
– 11 types of Back Parts
– animated Back Weapon Mount
– top-mounted 2-Weapon Turret
– Top part raiser
– 3 Side Shields
– 2 Antennas
– 3 Buggy Spoilers


– Sci-Fi Rifle (5 levels)
– Sci-Fi Shocker (5 levels)
– Sniper Rifle (5 levels)
– 2-Barrel Gun (5 levels)
– Grenade Launcher (3 levels)
– Bullet and 2 Grenades