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Mech Combat Kit

The Mech Combat Kit is designed to help you create anything from a simple arcade game to a complex mech sim! Packed with features built from the ground up to allow you to easily customize your game from within the editor.


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The Mech Combat Kit comes with all the features you need to build an exciting, action-packed mech combat game:


– Rigidbody-based Mech Controller with third-person and cockpit perspectives. Smooth, fun and easily handles bumps and ramps. Includes jetpack capability!

– Loadout System to create mechs with loadouts, save them to slots and spawn during gameplay.

– Camera System – easily create new camera views and switch between them during gameplay.


– Weapons System including projectile and beam weapons, missiles, gatling guns and flamethrowers. Comes with raycast-based cursor aiming, heat system, auto targeting and more!


– Radar System built for performance and efficiency. Track targets based on type, Team and distance. Select between them based on Next, Previous, Nearest and Front.

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