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Meadow Environment – Dynamic Nature

Download Meadow Environment – Dynamic Nature FREE Unity

Pack support unity:
– Unity 2017.3+
– Unity 2018
– Unity 2018 HD SRP
– Unity 2018 LW SRP
– New Unity Terrain 2018.3+ Support

We mark at screens HD SRP and NON-HD SRP screens.

This pack is:
– Huge library of 100% scanned assets, carefully optimized, atlases, LOD’ed;
– Group of shaders which will bring better quality and simplify your workflow, if you want to use them;
– Meadow Environment with small groves ;
– All shaders are shared between our all assets;
– HD SRP Demo from the video is included;
– Demo for unity standard rendering, pretty as well;
– NON HD SRP Demo scene from 2nd video needs: Vegetation Studio Pro, R.A.M – River Auto Material to run;
– It works best with Vegetation Studio and Vegetation Studio Pro;
– Vegetation Studio NON-Pro will come in next weeks;

In our pack you will find 5 aspects (artistic content, shaders, tools, support files):
1) Artistic content:
– 21 cliff models with LOD’s and 91 prefabs: standard, top covered or by mask by leaves, grass;
– 20 rock models with LOD’s and 68 prefabs: standard, top covered or by mask by leaves, grass;
– 6 low poly background mountains ;
– 8 bushes: willow and maple with LOD’s and cross as last LOD;
– 9 detail meshes: clover, daisy, dead grass, grass plants, leaves with LOD’s;
– 21 models of construction kit fences with LOD’s;
– 24 models of system fences: post and span;
– 12 models of combined fence models with LOD’s;
– 53 fence prefabs from all mentioned configurations;
– 10 flower types with 45 LOD’ed meshes invariants: planes, cross, detailed ;
– 15 grass types, LOD’ed invariants: planes, cross, detailed ;
– 70 flowers and grass prefabs with LOD’s;
– 70 flowers and grass prefabs for unity terrain without LOD’s;
– 5 ground texture sets: 27 textures with albedo/smoothness, ao, heightmap, normal map, MT/AO/H/SM;
– particles and insects: bees, butterfly, leaves, dust;
– 2 dirty road materials with parallax shader with R.A.M road profiles;
– 14 terrain heightmap stamps for your terrain and unity terrain stamping 2018.3+;
– 14 GAIA terrain stamps;
– 3 Tree stumps with LOD’s and blended with terrain blend variants;
– 2 mushrooms with LOD’s;
– 3 variants of tree prefabs: HD, Vegetation Studio, Optimised and baked;
– 11 trees with LOD’s and cross as last LOD;
– Trees are in types: plants, small tree, standalone tree, forest tree, dead tree;
– Tree triangles specification below;
– All textures contain: Albedo, Normalmap, Metallic, Height, AO, Smoothness;
– In-ground textures you will find: meadow grass, dirty ground, dirty grass, leaves, needless;
– HD SRP demo;
– Unity standard rendering demo;
– Demo with spawn functions for Vegetation Studio Pro;

2) Shaders:
– All shaders support vegetation studio instanced indirect out of the box;
– 3 grass shader: lite, standard, specular;
– 4 standard shaders with auto texture cover by mask or by top (terrain blend);
– 1 cross shaders as last tree LOD
– bark and leaves shaders with metallic/specular variants;

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    P.S. I really appreciate what you guys are doing with this website.

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    1. Unityassets4free

      We have removed google drive links, as it crashed and we lost almost all the files, we are trying to recover. File-upload gonna work, give it sometime

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      Thank you for the feedback, We have updated the link…

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