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It is now simpler than ever to produce beautiful Material Design layouts in your apps also games with MaterialUI!

Almost all of the components emphasised in Google’s Material Design designation can be generated with the click of a button, then twitched and transformed with powerful editing tools.

MaterialUI components work just like those in Unity’s UI system and are designed to be as compatible as possible with other GUI-based assets.

These don’t just image elements; this is a real, full implementation of Material Design in Unity – pixel-perfect controls with gorgeous animations that are intended to take the place of the default uGUI components (eg. Input Field, Dropdown, toggles etc)

Hi there, welcome to the MaterialUI documentation!

Here, you can find information about the various components and other features MaterialUI has to offer, and best practices when using them.

Before using MaterialUI, it is highly recommended to check out Unity’s UI tutorials, as many concepts are shown here will also apply to MaterialUI.

MaterialUI Design is a visual language that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation of technology and science.
Expand Material’s visual language and provide a flexible foundation for innovation and brand expression.