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A GTA V style controller, with various weapons to carry and much more. Smooth movement system with Angle detection to turn. It will come with a car, bike, helicopter, plane, boat and tank system, the player will be able to get in and out of vehicles performing animations. A basic parkour system to platform detection.A Directional Melee system. A usable phone system with a User interface. A taunt system. Opening closing doors.Refined shooting system.An advanced Cover system.AAA sound system for weapons and movements of the player, swimming and more.

Assets are part of game development, Having the right asset is always necessary, but creating some assets take time. Thus people buy assets. If you think this is worth your money, Contact me! We ‘ll talk.

All the features that will be included:

  • A smooth Directional movement system
  • A weapon Inventory System
  • 17 default weapons
  • Various Vehicles to interact (Cars/Bikes/Helicopter/Boats/Planes)
  • An In-Game Phone System with various apps (Camera, Message, Call, Email, Net, Settings, Media player, Contacts)
  • A Taunt System
  • Drive-by System
  • Selfie feature in Phone Camera
  • A Swimming System
  • An Advanced Cover System (with full cover detection from all angles, with blind Fire)
  • A basic Parkour System ( Climb, Getup, Vault, Step up )
  • Ladder System
  • Surface Detectors for bullets to impact different particles
  • A directional Melee System
  • Hud UI System
  • Currency system
  • Pickup/Drop Weapons feature
  • Apartment System (sit in sofa / watch TV / Sleep / micturate)
  • Weapon Store
  • Tutorials System
  • Online Integration ( $500 )

Download Master Anim System Free Unity

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