Marvelous Techniques

Download Marvelous Techniques FREE Unity

Marvelous Techniques could be a plus package which incorporates tools to form powerful games with very fashionable flat region graphics vogue utilized in several high commerce games recently.
The package suits for all folks with each talent level.
Prototyping of various game designs is quick due to simple to use shaders and tools.
This plus package is exclusive and you can’t notice something similar from the plus Store. once purchased you don’t solely get the package you get premium support thus all of your issues can get quickly solved.

The package includes:

– terribly powerful Custom lighting shader with custom shader UI. Mobile optimized (tested with iPad fourth-gen)

Shader includes these features:

– Gradient lighting (Global, Local)
– Lightmap support
– Transparency support
– Realtime shadows support
– Height fog, Distance fog
– light-weight Probes support
– reflective light-weight
– Distance lighting
– Full/Simple modes
– close lighting
– Directional light-weight mode
– Layout texture support

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