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Marble Platformer Starter Kit

Catapult – The catapult launches the player into the air. The forward force and upward force are independently adjustable.

Speed up / Slow down pads – These apply an adjustable velocity multiplier to the player

Switch – Switches another of the objects on or off. Most of the objects support switching. The switch can be set to switch an object on, off, to toggle between them, or to act as a momentary toggle.

Teleporter – Teleports the player to another teleporter. These can take an array of target teleporters. The destination can be set manually, in code, or set to random. No destination can be set for receive only teleporters.

Checkpoint – When a player dies, they will return to the last checkpoint crossed. The scene can be set to return them to the most recent checkpoint, the furthest checkpoint reached, or a random checkpoint. Most of the other object will remember their state when a checkpoint is crossed and return to that exact state when the player resumes at that checkpoint.

Finish line – Plays a finish animation and give the player the option to continue to the next level or return to the main menu.

Other prefabs
Scene manager – Holds the list of checkpoints and controls the checkpoint manager.

Game manager – Holds the list of scenes and controls switching between them.

Player rig – Contains the player, player camera, and all player-related controls

Main menu rig – Contains the main menu camera and all menu related controls

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