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Marble Platformer Starter Kit

Download Marble Platformer Starter Kit Free Unity. 

The Marble Platformer Starter Kit features 13 fully textured, game-ready models and a wide range of fully scripted prefabs to create a rolling ball game without ever having to write a line of code or create a single model. The web player demo can be created entirely from within the Unity editor. Of course, you can choose to create more complex level geometry with your 3d modeling software of choice.

The kit comes with an input setup that allows control using the mouse and keyboard, a joystick, virtual joysticks for mobile, or accelerometer for mobile. Please note that mobile controls have less precision than desktop controls so your levels should be designed around the target control system and platform.

Checkpoint system
The kit includes a checkpoint system that most of the object hook into. Upon the player passing a checkpoint, compatible objects will remember their current state and return to that state when the player dies and is returned to that checkpoint.

Object prefabs
The kit provides the following objects, ready to drag and drop into your scene:

Grass – This grass prefab automatically tiles the texture, so you can scale it to any size you want when building your scene. Combine multiple copies of the prefab to create simple, but fun levels with no modeling work.

Cannon – The cannon features a nice looking smoke particle effect and a light to simulate its muzzle flash.

Collapsing block – When the player touches this block, it will shake briefly before falling to the ground. Shake angle and fall delay time are adjustable in the inspector.

Fan – The fan will add force to the player if they get too close. Features a force falloff setting so the force of the fan can be greater when the player is closer to the blades.

Land mine – Explodes when the player touches it. Features a fantastic looking explosion particle effect.

Moving platform – This platform is controlled via empty game objects that serve as waypoints. Have as many waypoints as you want. Includes the option to pause at all waypoints or just the endpoints, to travel one way or back and forth between the endpoints, and to parent the player to the platform to make it easier to stay on or not.

Rotating platform – This platform rotates around. You can adjust the angle between stops and decide whether or not to parent the player to the platform to help them stay on.

Ramming block – Like the moving platform, this prefab uses empty game objects as waypoints to control its movement. The goal of this prefab though is to push the player rather than transport them.