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Male Peasant Modular Pack Cute Series

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Cute Series 3D models are cute and easy to use. Monsters come with 3 different evolution. ‘Evolution 1’ is the least evolved ( weaker) and ‘Evolution 3’ is the most evolved ( Most powerful). Characters are modular and mecanim ready. Character’s weapons and accessories can be shared among other Cute series character packs!

Cute Series Male Peasant Modular Pack

Create unique looking male peasants easily with this pack! Just drag and drop the props and accessories to the attach points to customize them.
This pack contains the following prefabs( including color variations. See preview images for more info):

160 base body ( 10 costumes x 8 color variations x 2 skin color)

Back props:
1 basket empty
1 basket vegetables
1 log
1 urn clay
1 urn empty

1 Axe
1 Hammer
1 Pickaxe
1 Rake
1 Sickle

Standard Assets
All male character modular pack comes with the following free standard assets( including this pack) The assets are:
3 standard faces with 5 color variations
5 standard hairs with 5 color variations
2 standard heads. Fair and Tan

Costume comes in 4 colors. Aqua, Fire, Nature, Dark.

This pack includes am additional pack : ‘Add on Texture Pack 01’. This additional pack has 4 more colors. They are Bark, Dusk, Pure and Night.

2 skin colors. Fair and Tan.

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