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Male Fighter Mecanim Animation Pack

Update v2.2: Added 5 requested animations.

Update v2.1: Added requested HighSmash animation.

Update v2.0: Added requested Looping Roll animations, Heavy Smash, RunJump, Knockback, and Tumble animations.

Male Fighter Mecanim Animation Pack Update v1.9: Added requested BlockBreak animation.

Update v1.8: Added requested RollForward and RollBackward animations.

Update v1.7: Added requested DashLeft and DashRight animations, and WalkSlow animation.

Update v1.6:Added requested Walk Right and Left animations.

Update v1.5: Adjusted Walk and Dash animations, fixed model’s feet.

Update v1.4: Add Run animation.

Update v1.3: Added _S stationary versions of any animations in which there is character translation for UFE and other fighting engine systems.

Update v1.2: Added requested Revive animation.

Update v1.1: Fixed issue with merging together other FMAPs and having files overwrite.

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