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Make Your First 2D Game with Unity & C# – Beginner Course

Make Your First 2D Game with Unity & C# – Beginner Course Free Download Udemy Course. 

Beginner Course to Game Development : Learn how to use Unity and Program in C# by Making a Small 2D Game from A to Z

What you’ll learn
Learn the C# fundamentals.
Solve fun programming challenges.
Learn the core features of the Unity game engine.
Create a simple game in Unity from A to Z.
Make game art and animations.
Make simple UI and add sounds and music to your game.

Have a PC or MAC
(Optional) Have a drawing tablet to make art for your game. If not

In this game development course, you’ll learn how to make your first game using the Unity game engine and the C# programming language.

Here is a list of the keys things that you will learn by watching this course

First of all, you’ll have a very good understanding of the basics of Unity once you’ve finished this course: you’ll know how to navigate its interface, create objects, manipulate those, use the prefab system, and lots more.

You’ll learn all about the C# fundamentals, in other words, understand what are variables, functions, arrays, loops, conditionals, and a wealth of other key programming tools. You’ll also be given challenges so that you don’t only copy what we do but gain a much deeper understanding of this amazing programming language.

Once we’ve covered the basics of both Unity and C# we’ll create an entire game: Raining Apocalypse!

There we will learn how to make simple game art using a 2D drawing application of your choice like Ps or Gimp, and how to rig and animate your 2D characters in Unity.